Mommy Makeover




A pregnancy makes a woman complete, but let’s face it, it does take a lot away from your figure and shape.


The changes usually seen are breast sag and loss of firmness in the feel of the breast, the tummy becomes bigger and hangs down, a pooch forms under the navel, the chances are strong that some weight is gained and forms bulges on the hips and thighs (love handles and saddle bags), the vagina becomes lax and the vulval tissues and vaginal lips sag and lose their tenseness.


A Mommy Makeover involves correcting these changes depending on your needs using breast enhancement techniques, tummy tuck procedures, liposuction, and genital enhancement procedures as described elsewhere, so that you face the world as a confident mother should.

The Right Stuff
As these are multiple procedures combined together, we appreciate the limitations and tailor the whole session so as to give you the best possible result within carefully judged limits causing you minimum trouble.

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